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Holiday back health Fremont

Sitting in ill-designed chairs for hours on end is a nightmare for people with back pain.

The holidays offer many of us the chance to take off from home, whether in car, plane or train, to visit family and friends in far flung places. But for people with chronic back pain, the thought of hours spent in the car or stuck on a plane causes trepidation.  When it comes to the cheer of Christmas, the last thing we want our patients to be thinking about is the pain in their back. 

spinal health Fremont

What gift could be better than a healthy spine?

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one this holiday season, whether they be old or young, an awareness of spinal health is one of the best gifts you can give. Chances are, anyone over the age of 30 is going to have experienced back pain. A recent study from the Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic interviewed more than 6,000 people over the age of 18, and 63% of them acknowledged having experienced back pain bad enough that they sought medical help. Us ailing adults aside, what's going on with the spines of our youth? As we move rapidly into the future, young spines are under more threat than ever. 

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Weight lifting and lower back pain go hand in hand

Building muscle is important for just about every sport. But lifting is one of the worst motions for your spine; when you add larger weights into the equation, the risk only increases. A further factor that can aggravate lower back pain is insufficiency in the core muscles which stabilize the spinal segments in the lower back and prevent any slippage of the vertebrae from occurring. If you then lift with poor posture, you are setting yourself up for lower back pain due to nerve compression caused by vertebrae moving out of position. 

When the nerve-under-compression in question is the sciatic nerve, serious problems can ensue

As you find in our last blog here, sciatic nerve pain is insidious: it comes in many forms. But there is a simple way you can determine if you may be suffering from sciatic nerve compression using the straight-leg raise. Grab yourself an exercise band, then lay flat on the floor. Using the exercise band around the bottom of your foot, raise your leg, making sure to keep your knee straight. If this causes pain in the lower back, or other sciatica symptoms, give our office in Fremont a call to find out how we can start fighting back against sciatica today. 

Sciatica is a silent killer

And while the root problem is similar in all cases, sciatica is experienced in a variety of ways. For some the pain may be dull, for others it is sharp; some people experience it nearly constantly and others infrequently. But there are certain characteristics that can clearly help you determine whether it is sciatica that has got you down:

  • Localized pain in the back, buttocks and hips
  • Radiating pain 
  • Numbness, burning and tingling in the extremities
  • Weakness in the legs 
  • Lost range of motion

Sciatica is a symptom

Sciatica is also a symptom that something is seriously wrong. In most cases, your sciatic nerve, the longest and largest spinal nerve in the body, is telling your brain that it is under pressure. As we grow older, the muscles supporting our spine and its proper alignment grow weak and we exacerbate the problem with bad habits like poor posture and lack of exercise. When vertebral bodies in the lower back move out of alignment, they can pressurize spinal nerves, causing an intense ripple effect. 

Individualized sciatica treatment in Fremont

At Relief Medical Group we combine the most effective natural modalities to help you break free from sciatica. Spinal adjustment restores alignment to the spine and relieves the sciatic nerve from pressure. For many people, the pain relief is immediate. From here, we focus on strengthening and stretching the core stabilizing muscles to ensure that your spine stays in alignment and the problem does not return. Don't wait any longer if you suspect that you are suffering from sciatica- give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Back pain

Back pain is a more complex phenomenon than the traditional narrative has led us to believe.

Back pain is so much more than the acute effect of an injury. Conditions such as chronic non-specific lower back pain have shown us that back pain is a complex problem, involving your musculoskeletal health, biomechanical function, and neurological perception of pain. No matter what is causing your back pain, you will agree that it is a bane on your well-being. Extricating yourself from the throes of back pain should therefore be a primary health objective for any adult who wants to live a longer, healthier life.